Marketing Services


Whether you need marketing strategy and plan creation, or just assistance with execution, we can become your in-house marketing team for the U.S. We can handle everything from English editing to email and social media marketing campaigns as well as content and collateral creation to organizing and attending trade shows and events.



Your brand is more than just your logo - it is the promise your company is making to your consumers. This promise might have worked well for you in the past, but may need adjustments for the U.S. market. Our marketing consultants can conduct primary and secondary research and collect quantitative and qualitative data to help you meet the needs of your U.S. customers. Whether working with outside vendors or our own in-house designer, we can create new logos, packaging, and collateral to help you get noticed in the U.S.


Social Media Management

Every company should be on social media, but which channels and content strategy to use differs by industry. MI’s marketing team specializes in both industrial and consumer marketing.



"We have an excellent product, but MI helped us create a new brand for the U.S. market – one that we are now using globally."

~ Alessandro Melotti

Dulcop International