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Through the years, we have helped several clients with their U.S. subsidiaries. You've read about our services, now see how we put them in action.

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Bacci approached MI in the summer of 2014. Previously selling to the U.S. through distributors, they knew the market but needed help establishing their U.S. subsidiary and getting operations up and running. They signed an International Business Incubator (IBI) contract with MI.

In 2014 we helped them establish their Charlotte-based company and immediately started handling all the invoices and tracking of shipments for their machines to their North American customers. We developed a simple Business Plan for immigration purposes and, working with a local immigration attorney, assisted two employees with their successful E-1 investor visas. Once here, we helped the employees navigate the Social Security and Driver’s License processes, as well as find suitable housing and fun activities to do in and around Charlotte.

As the company has expanded, we have aided in their search and hiring of direct employees, as well as find and up-fit a new office and warehouse location. From a marketing standpoint, we assist with U.S. trade shows and interface with industry publications for advertising – always making sure that their messaging is suitable for the North American market.

With our IBI contract, this client chooses which back-office and marketing services they need at any given time. We are here to help guide them through any challenges and offer consulting when and if needed.

We have been in the U.S. for over 40 years selling our industrial machinery through distributors. To really take our sales to the next level, we recently established a U.S. subsidiary. From helping with visa requirements and business plan writing to hiring personnel and looking for a showroom, MI’s IBI service has taken the burden off of us so we can focus on sales and really penetrate the U.S. market.

~ Giuseppe Bacci, CEO of Bacci America



Dulcop first came to MI in 2010 for a comprehensive U.S. Market Study. After reviewing the data, they decided to wait a few years to expand into the U.S. In 2014, they came back for an updated Market Study as well as a detailed Business Plan. In 2015 they signed a full marketing and management contract with MI.

2015 was spent developing their brands for the U.S. We ran focus groups and worked with industry specific professionals to ensure the brands would meet the expectations and tastes of the target U.S. markets. This included logo designs, label and product packaging, websites, and establishing social media accounts. Sales started in 2016 as we attended trade shows, set-up a network of independent sales reps to reach specialty and national retail accounts, and established direct to consumer sales through Amazon.

Through the marketing and management contract, our staff serve as their CEO, Director of Marketing & Operations, Accounting Manager, Social Media Manager, and Administrative Assistant. From developing and implementing their marketing plans to monitoring inventory and making pricing adjustments, and from creating and maintaining the budget to logistics tracking and warehouse oversight, our management team does it all with approval from the Italian parent company.

We knew we wanted to expand to the U.S., but we needed to find a management solution we could trust. As a family owned and operated business, it was important that the team we worked with in the U.S. understood our needs and worked for our company as if it was their own. Management inSites has been that and more. We are not treated as “just another client” and know that the team is doing everything they can to ensure Dulcop America is a success!

~ Alessandro Melotti, CEO of Dulcop International



Back in 2011, Le Caselle was opening a production facility in Greensboro, North Carolina. They wanted to be able to focus on the plant construction while someone else helped with personnel hiring and back-office management and bookkeeping. They hired MI for consulting services and signed an International Business Incubator (IBI) contract.

By understanding their unique needs, and knowing which questions to ask, we were able to set up the U.S. legal entity that optimized their financial investment. We also worked with local economic development agencies to ensure Le Caselle was reaping all the benefits it could. Then, acting as the U.S. company for the first year and a half, our staff invoiced clients, answered phones, and handled everything associated with operations.

It was extremely important to the client that the managers they hired in the U.S. could work well with the management in Italy, as well as the Italian manager sent here to live and work in the U.S. on an E-2 investor visa. Working with a leadership and human capital consulting firm, we helped identify, vet, and hire personnel for the Greensboro plant. We also interfaced with the local community college to help train future assembly line staff.

Entering a new market is daunting; understanding legal and cultural differences can make or break a new venture. With Management inSites, we knew we were in great hands. Their internationally-minded consultants and professional team supported us at every step along the way. From establishing the legal entity to hiring culturally sensitive production staff and handling our initial operations, MI gave us the start we needed to make LC America the success it is today.

~ Stefano Cazzaniga, CEO of LC America