We Bridge Academic and Business Experience to Provide Superior Consulting and Operational Services that Make Entering the U.S. Market Easy

Management inSites (MI) is an international management and marketing consulting company providing advice, market research, back-office operational service, support with business plan development, and interim management to companies entering or looking to strengthen their presence in the U.S. market.

By combining academic rigor with common sense business practice, MI consultants and back-office personnel are able to assist our clients with valuable insights on key business issues. Our experience in the global business environment and knowledge of multiple industries allow us to provide our clients with unrivaled support.


MI's Solution for Companies Entering the U.S. Market:
Enter Quicker, with Less Risks and Lower Costs

How? Management inSites’s advantage is its full-service International Business Incubator (IBI). Going beyond consulting, the IBI is perfect for small to medium-sized companies wishing to expand into the U.S. market.



Entry Method 1

Sending a single, quality sales person without support to establish the U.S. operations. This person does it all - accounting, sales, marketing, IT, etc. This can work great for start-ups but once operations scale up, tasks should be segmented and employees hired for specific job functions. It can be hard to grow without support and help. This can lead to fatigue and business failure.


Entry Method 2

The company has a complete staff. They may or not be able to offer the benefits or stability needed to secure the best professionals for their needs. Staffing in the U.S. (as opposed to some other countries) is expensive, especially to be competitive. This can be a huge financial burden during the “make it or break it” years of a new company’s life. Often this is not a real option.


MI' Solution: IBI

The company contracts with MI to handle all their back-office operational needs:
     - Administrative
     - Marketing
     - Full Service Bookkeeping
     - Logistics Integration
     - And more...

For less than the cost of a single, full-time, quality employee.

MI employs a staff in its Charlotte headquarters with skills that cover the range of all back-office operational needs. For less than the price of one quality employee in the U.S., your company will have access to our diverse, full-time staff who can handle the company’s operations on your behalf. You pay for exactly what you use. Only need 10 hours of marketing this month? No problem. Sold more than expected and need extra hours for order processing than the month before? We’ve got you covered.

Why hire multiple people when MI’s IBI professionals can get you in the U.S. today? Meet our staff and read more about our range of services to see if we are right for your company’s expansion into the U.S. market.